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Part mystery, part adult fairytale Sultry Days of Blood and Angels is a lush journey into history, identity, and passion. The threadbare pages of an old hermit’s journal burst with a Pandora’s box of deep bayou intrigue–spurring a modern young adventuress to seek her own destiny through the journal’s account of three wildly compelling female characters.

Author Tess Nottebohm brings to vibrant life the palatial plantations and bayou byways of old New Orleans with exhilaration and gutsy sensuality. Each bodice-ripping, mind-bending escapade is injected with a raw, unconventional twist on relationships, self-awareness, and the elusive nature of time itself. An intricately woven, offbeat tale of obsession, betrayal, and murder, Sultry Days touches on Vampire lore, Voodoo and Slavery, raising questions about what it means to be truly free. The reader may well be seduced by this book’s sultry, subversive heart, and swept away by its poetic eroticism into an exploration of what we have unwittingly lost, and what we might choose to reclaim, form our past. But most of all, it is a dream of the future.